We have now rolled out online registration which will make it much easier for teachers to record when children are present, absent or late. As a reminder the school day at Sambourne begins at 08:45 with doors opening at 08:35.

We run a 'Wake and Shake' session every morning,in the hall, from 08:35 to 08:45, the expectation is that every child participates in this. For parents, this is an ideal opportunity to say goodbye and encourage independence for your child.

If your child arrives at school after 08:45 this will be recorded as late and please could we ask that you report to the office first. If your child arrives at school after 09:00 (without prior arrangement, for example due to a medical appointment) your child will be marked in the register as an unauthorised absence after registers closed.

As an incentive for the children to arrive in school on time, we will be awarding an extra break time to the class with the highest weekly attendance. This will be announced on the newsletter and in celebration assembly.