House Groups

We run a vertical house group system which encourages a community feeling between all the children in school.

House Captains are our oldest Year 6 children and will set an example to our younger children and embody our school values.

Each year we have two house captains for each of our houses named after local historical houses - Bowood, Longleat, Urchfont and Wilton.

Children will be awarded 'house points' for good behaviour, daily reading at home, weekly spelling tests, using the IXL maths programme for more than 30 minutes, handwriting, attendance and recognition of individual achievements. Alongside this, children will also be awarded for displaying good manners and our school Christian values. The winning house is declared during celebration assembly on Friday afternoons.   



              Bowood House                                                   Longleat House



              Urchfont Mannor                                                 Wilton House                                                                                                        

  House Captains