Restorative Justice


‘The restorative ethos teaches those involved to take responsibility for their feelings and actions, understand someone else’s point of view, reach agreement and restore relationship.’

Judith Finney, Salisbury Diocese, May 2016 

Our school was chosen by Salisbury Diocese to become a lead school in their Restorative Justice Project in 2016.

On Wednesday 25 May 2016 our school was one of those invited by the Dean of Salisbury to the cathedral to present the success of being part of the project to other schools and a range of dignitaries, including three past and present high sheriffs. Our Y4 children used film and booklets to show the huge effect that being part of this project had on our school community.

It has been a wholly successful project which has given our school a whole school strategy for resolving conflict, led by the children with adult support. Restorative Justice has provided our children with the skills and ability to facilitate problem solving between other children. The project has had a huge impact on behavior across our school.

As a result of using Restorative Justice our Play Leaders have developed the following skills:

    • Listening
    • Reflecting
    • Recognising two sides of any one conflict
    • Valuing opinions and feelings of others
    • Looking for solutions with a win/win outcome
    • Finding out both sides of the story

How it operates at Sambourne:

  • Children choose to go to the play leaders if they have been involved in a dispute or argument
  • The play leaders work from a specific script which they work through to reach a solution
  • The children work through the process without the need of an adult and hopefully resolve the problem

The process involves:

  • Agreeing rules which need to be adhered to during the mediation
  • An opportunity for both children to explain their side of the story
  • Opportunity to say how they both feel
  • Opportunity to consider each other’s feelings
  • Opportunity to think of possible solutions
  • Opportunity to reach a win/win solution


The Restorative Justice Script