The Scrapstore PlayPod is based on the Theory of Loose Parts. The theory advocates that the more loose elements in a play space that a child can pick up, move and manipulate the more playful interaction they can achieve. So if children have access to a range of materials which have no defined purpose, they will access a wider range of play types and be more inventive in the ways, and in what, they play. 

At Sambourne CE VC Primary School we were very lucky to secure National Lottery Funding to purchase our own PlayPod and give our staff team appropriate training to get the best from this wonderful resource. Each term the Scrapstore update the contents of our pod so that the children have opportunities to be more inventive in their play.

Since having our PlayPod we have had:

  • Significantly fewer incidents and accidents on the playgr
  • Children playing in more mixed-age groupings
  • Children returning to class ready to learn
  • Empowered lunchtime staff
  • Positive pupil and parental responses