The supplier for our purple school uniform is:


42 George Street,
BA12 8QB

Tel: 01985 847757



Boys:                               Girls:

purple jumper                               purple jumper/ cardigan

white shirt/ polo shirt                    white shirt/ polo shirt

grey/ black trousers                     grey/ black trousers or skirt

black shoes                                 black shoes



PE kit:

white T-shirt

black shorts

daps/ trainers

gum shield for hockey



Jogging bottoms and a warm top will be needed in the colder weather.


School jumpers, PE bags, reading bags and rucksacks are available from Scholars.


Please ensure that your child/ children's uniform is clearly labelled.

We suggest that your child/ children bring their pe kit in on Monday and leave it at school for the week, taking it home again on Friday for washing. Thank you. 



Order your basic school uniform here: