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Welcome to Blackbird Class 

We are a mixed age class with Year 1 and Year 2 pupils. On this page you will find information about our curriculum, the year group expectations, our class timetable and celebration assemblies for the year along with photos of us learning.


We welcome Miss McMahon, a trainee teacher from Bath Spa University, who will be with us in Blackbird class until Easter.


File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Term 1 2020-2021

Curriculum Overview

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Term 1 2020-2021

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Term 2 2020-2021

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Term 2 2020-2021 (Vocab)

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Terms 3 and 4 2020-2021

Blackbird News 

Term 4 and our Explorers: space topic

 Welcome to the new term and to our new topic! The children have been doing some fantastic learning already and, as ever, we love seeing what you have been doing at home. Please continue to send in work through Google Classroom. We will share some photos from our 'Wow Day' at the end of this first week!

Friday 12th February 2021

 Wow, we have finished the term and we are sure you are all ready for your half-term break! Happy Chinese New Year for today and enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day, and Shrove Tuesday next week too.

We will be beginning our new part of our Explorers topic: Space on Monday 22nd February, with a Wow Day on Tuesday 23rd February!

Term 3 and our Explorers topic

Well done, Blackbirds, for all the fantastic learning that you have done this term! We have been so impressed with the work that you have sent us and it has been great to see so many of you during our live Meets too.                       


We are working hard to form our letters correctly and follow the cursive font, in all our books. We are learning that capital letters need to touch the top and bottom lines, are used at the start of sentences, for names and places.

In Year one, sentences should make sense and try to include the word 'and' in the middle of a sentence to join two similar sentences/clauses together.

In Year two, sentences should try to include words such as: 'because,' 'but,' 'so,' 'when,' in the middle of a sentence, to create a longer sentence, with more information.

We are developing our understanding of English, including nouns, adjectives and careful spelling using the phonic mats,the 100 and 200 high frequency word mats.


Handwriting Star: Henry

IXL Champion: Ella

Bronze and Silver Reading Champions: 

(Children who are home learning, we hope to give you loads of stamps and reading certificates soon too!)

Times tables champions: (Not this week).

Well done to everyone who has tried their best with their learning this week!

Including parents and Grandparents too!

Home Work

Half term week

We have not set any home work this week to allow you to have a rest, or if you choose to, complete any that you have not yet completed.

Please complete homework by Friday each week.

If you have any questions about homework, please email us so we can help you.

Reading: Read at least four times a week to improve your reading, achieve reading champion stamps and certificates.

Phonics: Spend 10 -20 minutes with your phonics envelope of letters sounds and words. It is best to learn one grapheme and word each day.

Spelling Shed: Spend 20 minutes on the phonics or spellings you have been given.

IXL Maths: Spend 20 minutes on the starred learning activities. Please note, in Y1 and Y2, we teach addition and subtraction sentences as a number sentence or linear calculation. E.g. 18 + 7 = 25   or   25 - 7 = 18

(Column methods will be learned from Year 3).

Y1 IXL English: Please complete:

Blending and Segmenting F1 - F3

Y2 IXL English: Please complete: Blending and Segmenting C1-C3.

Y1 Weekly Maths ongoing practice: Practice counting forwards and backwards in 2s from 24,  5s from 60 and 10s from 110.

Y2 Weekly Maths ongoing practice: Practice 2x, 5x and 10x tables up to 12x2, 12x5 and 12x10.

Times Tables Rock Stars: Y2 children you can practice multiplication and division here, when you are ready.

User Guidance for Homework websites:


Spelling Shed

Other useful websites

www.phonics for maths, phonics and English games.