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Welcome to Wren Class

We are a class with Year 6 pupils. On this page you will find information about our curriculum, the year group expectations, our class timetable and celebration assemblies for the year along with photos of us learning.


Curriculum Overview

Home Learning

Set 18th June 2021

To be completed by 19th September 2021:

IXL - Spend at least 30 minutes on a maths activity of your choice and at least 30 minutes on an English activity of your choice.

Spelling Shed - Spend at least 30 minutes on the spellings which have been assigned (the activities should automatically appear when you sign in)

Reading - Read at least 4 times a week to earn your Reading Champion stamps and certificates.

Times Tables Rockstars - Use your unique username and password to practise the times tables.



If your child has Covid but is feeling well, here are some activities they can choose from until they are back in school:

Reading: Children can spend time reading a book each day and record this in their Reading Journals. When they get back to school, this will count towards their Reading Champion stamps and certificates. 

IXL Maths: Sign in to IXL and have a go at some of the sections and activities that have not yet been tried. Or have another go at some activities where they think they can improve their achievements.

IXL English: Sign in to IXL and look at the Grammar and Punctuation activities for their year group. Choose some of these to try.

Spelling Shed: Sign into Spelling Shed and play some games to practise their assigned spellings as well as any previous spellings which may appear.

Times Tables Rockstars: Knowing all the times tables up to 12 x 12 greatly helps in other areas of maths. Sign into Times Tables Rockstars and see if they can improve the speed at which they can recall any of the times tables.

Topic: As part of our topic this term, we are learning about Rainforests. There are some brilliant and informative videos on the BBC Key Stage 2 website ( children can watch and which will help them to come back to school as experts.

To further this, they may want to create a poster, information leaflet or power-point about one of the videos.

Friday 17th September 2021

Wren Class have been enjoying their sessions of PE. In fitness circuits, they have been improving their aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility through several stations consisting of different activities such as burpees, press ups, star jumps and squats.
In tag rugby, they have been learning how to pass and receive the ball at speed as well as evading and tagging opponents.

Handwriting Star - Samanta

IXL Champion - James

Super Scientist - Lewis

100% Times Tables Award - Shane

Times Tables Bronze Award - Shane, Stevie, Jason, Harry and Harvey.

Friday 10th September 2021

Last Friday morning, Wren Class had a surprise waiting for them at the end of their rows of tables. Our new guided reading stories were wrapped up in purple tissue paper ready to be revealed. The children were very excited and unwrapped them in partners to reveal Letters from the Lighthouse! This week, Wren Class have been refining their reading comprehension skills in VIPERS guided reading sessions. They have located information in our text by scanning for information before writing their answers in their books. Watch the video underneath to see the moment the Wrens opened/revealed their new VIPERS book. 

Wren Class also started their first Can Do maths unit this week on place value. The children have been representing seven digit numbers using maths resources such as place value counters as well as identifying the value of the digits – top maths work Wrens!

Handwriting Star - Kaian

IXL Champion - Shane

Super Scientist - Jasmine

100% Times Tables Award - Stevie and Harvey.