"Children get off to a good start in the Reception Class".

Ofsted, October 2015

"The induction process at Sambourne is just brilliant. It was good when my oldest child started and is now a well oiled process. I am so excited about Lexi's first year at school".

New parent, September 2017



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Starting school for the first time

As a school we understand that starting school for the first time can be difficult for some children and we pride ourselves on having a successful and smooth transition into school not only from the local nurseries but for those who have not attended nursery school.

In the summer term prior to your child attending school we have a very fine tuned induction process which ensures that your child is ready to join us fulltime from September.

Our process includes: 

  • One to one tours with the Headteacher 
  • Taster sessions through June and July, including a longer taster session
  • An opportunity at the taster session to talk with school staff and ask any questions
  • Information packs ncluding a booklet to read with your child about starting school
  • Welcome evening for new parents
  • A letter from your child’s buddy and an opportunity to meet their buddy at The Teddy Bears’ Picnic
  • A home visit from the class teacher and teaching assistant
  • Liaison with pre-schools
  • Parent feedback in September to get parents' feedback on our induction process