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Welcome to Swallow Class

We are a mixed-age class of Year 3 pupils. On this page you will find information about our curriculum, the year group expectations, our class timetable and celebration assemblies for the year along with photos of us learning.


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Curriculum Overview

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Home Learning

Set Friday 

To be completed by the next Thursday 

Reading: Read at least 4 times a week to earn your Reading Champion stamps and certificates

Maths: Sign into IXL and spend at least 30 minutes looking at:

Y3- place value

Spellings: Sign into Spelling Shed and practise your assigned spellings for at least 20 minutes



Welcome to Swallow Class' page. 


Welcome back to Swallow Class to our new Swallow children as well as the children who are spending their second year in Sparrow Class.

Our topic this term is 'Conflict and Resolution' and our new curriculum overview will be uploaded to this webpage shortly; this will show an overview of what we will be learning this term.


Friday 11th September 2021
This week Swallow Class have settled into the weekly routine well. The year 3s have really enjoyed the new aspects of their timetable such as guided reading and learning French. The Year 4s have been extremely kind and have  helped them settle in. All of the children have been working really hard to keep their work neat.

We started our new guided reading book this week, it's called 'Charlie changes into a chicken' and all of Swallow are thoroughly enjoying it! On Friday we looked at the artist Nick Rowland and in particular his piece called 'Volcano'. This links to the volcano 'Mount Vesuvius' that is featured in Escape from Pompeii. The children painted some beautiful pictures inspired by Nick's work. He uses lots of colour and a variety of painting styles to bring energy to his paintings. I think the children interpreted these aspects very well in their own work. 

A great week for Swallow Class! 

Handwriting Star - Kobi

IXL Champion - Josie

Science Award- Stanley


Friday 8th July 2021

Swallow Class loved participating in Sports Day on Thursday afternoon. The children showcased their brilliant explosive power in the long jump and enjoyed getting tangled up in the obstacle race net during the field events! The races and sprints gave the children a wonderful opportunity to apply what they’d learnt about sprinting from our athletics lesson earlier in the term -  having high knees, relaxed shoulders and 90 degree arms. The children raced with brilliant technique displayed fantastic sprinting ability!

Handwriting Star - Elisa

IXL Champion - Ella

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Ethan D, Lily, Dylan, Imogen, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Elisa, Levi and Alfie. 

Silver Times Tables Award - Josie, Olivia and Elsie. 

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Jasmine and Lexi.

Reading Champion Gold 3 - Josie

Friday 2nd July 2021

For Art week, the children have been inspired by famous artist Andy Goldsworthy. After looking at examples of his work including: rock balancing, photography and striding arches, we went outside in groups and took our own pictures of the natural environment within the school grounds before the children sketched their own pictures of nature. After that, the children collected a variety of natural objects from within the school ground including: pine cones, leaves and sticks and learnt how to print using them. On Thursday, the children created their final designs using the skill of printing. The final outcome was spectacular as you can see from Dylan's final piece underneath. 

This week in athletics, the children were sprinting over obstacles. They learnt to develop their spatial awareness by judging the height and their approach to obstacles as well as developing fluency and rhythm in their running style, choosing and applying appropriate stride patterns. The children took the obstacles in their stride and displayed a fluent and coordinated running style – top hurdling Swallows!

Handwriting Star - Alfie

IXL Champion - Kriti

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Dylan, Oscar M, Josie, Emily, Ellie-Mai, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Millie and Levi.

Bronze Times Tables Award - Freyja, Tilly and Chloe. 

Silver Times Tables Award - Lexi, Ethan D, Dylan, Imogen, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Millie, Alfie, Jasmine, Gracie, Ellie-Mai, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Elisa, Imogen and Kriti.

Reading Champion Gold 3 - Lily, Levi and Ella.

Friday 25th June 2021

After weeks of identifying features and reporting on different parts of a newspaper recount, this week, Swallow Class wrote their newspaper recounts on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They used all the features correctly as well as using exciting sentence openers, different sentence types and a variety of punctuation – top reporting Swallows! The children have also been developing their hand eye co-ordination in tennis in PE lessons. They are thoroughly looking forward to the annual tennis tournament later this term with many of the children interested to sign up and take part.

Handwriting Star - Oscar M

IXL Champion - Kriti 

Super Scientist - Imogen

100% Times Tables Award - Oscar M, Dylan, Beth, Emily, Millie, Ethan R, Levi and Elisa.

Bronze Times Tables Award - Olivia

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Ethan P and Freyja.

Reading Champion Bronze 3 - Oscar C

Friday 18th June 2021

In maths this week, Swallow Class have been continuing to learn about measurement, converting and comparing different units of measure. They have also been doing MOT (maths on track) sessions to revisit and practice other maths skills. On Monday afternoon, Swallows took to the field for their athletics lesson. The lesson objective was to develop an awareness of speed and pace judgement in relation to distance. The children participated in a variety of drills to prastise pacing themselves in order to complete a distance in the quickest possible time. After that, the children were put in teams and participated in a relay where each member of a team had to complete one lap of the school field. There were definitely some future Mo Farahs and Paula Radcliffes on show – top running Swallows!

Handwriting Star - Freyja

IXL Champion - Gracie

Super Scientist - Dylan

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Ethan D, Lily, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa, Millie and Levi.

Bronze Times Tables Award - Lexi, Ethan D, Lily, Dylan, Imogen, Oscar M, Josie, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Gracie, Ellie-Mai, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa, Millie, Levi, Jasmine, Elsie and Alfie. 

Reading Champion Gold 2 - Millie

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Ethan D and Dylan.

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Elsie 

Friday 11th June 2021

In English this week, Swallow Class received a letter from the Warminster Journal asking them to report on the happenings at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The children have been identifying the features of a newspaper recount and writing different parts of their article including their orientation and their quotes from various eyewitnesses. We will report back to you next week when they have finished their newspaper recounts. On Monday afternoon, Swallows started their new PE unit on athletics. The lesson objective was to develop speed by using high knees, having relaxed shoulders and 90 degree arms. The children participated in a variety of drills to practise this before applying it in races at the end of the lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and demonstrated fantastic sprinting ability. Underneath, are some pictures of our fantastic week's learning!

Handwriting Star - Lexi

IXL Champion - Kriti

Super Scientist - Ethan D

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Lily, Dylan, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Beth, Ethan P, Elisa, Levi and Sam. 

Reading Champion Gold 3 - Sam

Reading Champion Gold 2 - Lily and Josie. 

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Jasmine, Kriti and Lexi. 

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Ellie-Mai

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Gracie

Friday 28th May 2021

Swallow Class have had an amazing science week! At the beginning of the the week, the children researched the life of Joseph Nicephore Niece before writing a biography on him. They learnt that he was the first person to ever produce a photograph which took him 6 years to achieve! On Wednesday, Swallow were lucky enough to have a Teams Meeting with Mathematician Jack Honour who works for STEM. He discussed different forms of energy such as solar power. The children asked brilliant questions and found the visit very informative. After learning about different forms of energy from Jack in their visit, the children had the opportunity to design their own wind turbines before making them using a variety of things such as: pencils, masking tape and card. Then they used hairdryers to see if the blades of their wind turbines rotated. They had lots of fun and were super scientists. Underneath are some pictures from the week as well as a video of Tilly's wind turbine in action!

Handwriting Star - Imogen

Super Scientist - Tilly

100% Times Tables Award - Dylan, Oscar M, Emily, Beth, Ethan R, Elisa and Millie. 

Gold Times Tables Award - Lexi, Lily, Dylan, Imogen, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Ethan D, Emily, Gracie, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa, Millie, Levi, Jasmine and Josie. 

Reading Champion Gold 2 - Levi and Ella.

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Olivia

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Imogen and Elisa.

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Oscar M

Reading Champion Bronze 3 - Tilly

Friday 21st May 2021

As a result of daily guided reading lessons and quiet reading at home and in class, lots of Swallow children have achieved fantastic reading comprehension scores (including full marks) this week as well as getting reading certificates – top reading Swallows!  

Handwriting Star - Tilly

Super Scientist - Freyja

100% Times Tables Award - Dylan, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R and Lexi.

Bronze Times Tables Award - Freyja

Silver Times Tables Award - Alfie

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Millie

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Dylan

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Ethan P and Emily.

Friday 14th May 2021

Swallow Class thoroughly enjoyed creating their stamps on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate all the heroes of the pandemic. They drew a variety of people which included NHS staff, teachers and Sir Captain Tom. This week in maths, year 3’s have been working hard to tell the time in words and digitally. The year 4’s have been solving unit and non-unit fractions of amounts in their fraction unit. This week in science, the children learnt about the transportation of water in a plant and how the water is sucked up the stem like water being sucked up through a straw. To explore this, the children worked in small groups and added food colouring to water.

Handwriting Star - Olivia

Super Scientist - Alfie

100% Times Tables Award - Ethan D, Lily, Dylan, Oscar M, Josie, Ellie-Mai, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa, Millie, Levi and Alfie. 

Bronze Times Tables Award - Archie and Elsie.

Silver Times Tables Award - Emily, Gracie, Ellie-Mai, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa, Millie, Levi, Jasmine, Lexi, Ethan D, Lily, Dylan, Imogen, Oscar M, Josie, Kriti and Ella.

Reading Champion Gold 2 - Sam

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Oscar C

Friday 7th May 2021

Swallow Class have been making excellent progress in their maths. Year 3’s have been telling the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock and year 4’s have been completing work on decimals including converting pence to pounds and pounds to pence – Top maths skills Swallows! This week in English, the children have been identifying the features of autobiographies and biographies. They researched the life of Roald Dahl and are going to write a biography on him next week. In science, the children worked in partners and chose a question such as 'What happens if a plant has no water?' before setting up their investigations.    

Handwriting Star - Chloe

IXL Champion - Ethan D

Super Scientist - Elisa

100% Times Tables Award - Dylan, Imogen, Oscar M, Ella, Gracie, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Elisa and Levi.

Bronze Times Tables Award - Olivia and Alfie.

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Freyja

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Lexi, Elisa, Kriti and Jasmine. 

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Josie and Lily. 

Friday 30th April 2021

Swallow Class loved planting their sunflower seeds on Thursday with the help of staff from Morrisons. It fits in perfectly with our science topic this term on ‘Plants’. All of them are looking forward to seeing whose sunflower can grow the tallest. On Thursday afternoon, Swallow Class were lucky enough to visit the church. Lorraine and Ben explained what makes the church so special before taking us on a tour and showing us all the different features such as the font and the alter. Underneath, are some pictures of our church visit and other work from the week including poems on 'The Chocolate Room' from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and our cricket lesson in PE. 

Handwriting Star - Imogen

IXL Champion - Ethan R

100% Times Tables Award - Ethan D, Ella, Lily, Oscar M, Kriti, Dylan, Beth, Elisa and Levi. 

Bronze Times Tables Award -.Tilly, Josie, Ethan D, Ella, Lily, Imogen, Oscar M, Lexi, Kriti, Dylan, Ethan R, Jasmine, Gracie, Beth, Ellie-Mai, Elisa, Sam, Emily, Millie, Levi and Ethan P.

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Levi and Ella.

Friday 23rd April 2021

Swallow Class have had a brilliant first week back. The children thoroughly enjoyed our WOW afternoon earlier in the week. The children made seals out of salt dough to celebrate our new topic on ‘The Indus Valley’. In English, the children have been learning about different forms of poetry such as haikus, sonnets and shape. They also had the chance to perform a poem called ‘Spaghetti’ by Frank Flynn. The children had to use expressive voices when narrating as well as using different facial expressions and actions when performing. 

Handwriting Star - Levi

IXL Champion - Ella

100% Times Tables Award - Kriti, Dylan, Ethan D, Lily, Oscar M, Ella, Josie, Levi, Gracie, Beth, Ethan P, Elisa and Millie.

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Gracie and Tilly.

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Millie

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Emily and Imogen.

Reading Champion Silver 1 - Olivia

Reading Champion Gold 1 - Sam

Friday 12th March 2021

Swallow Class have been superstars during the first week back since home learning. The children made and painted a variety of Roman shields on Wednesday afternoon. It was a brilliant restart to the term and a fantastic way to continue our topic of ‘The Romans’ – well done Swallows!

Handwriting Star - Levi

IXL Champion - Kriti

100% Times Tables Award - Imogen, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Elisa and Levi. 

Reading Champion Bronze 3 - Dylan

Reading Champion Silver 2 - Freyja

Reading Champion Silver 3 - Sam

Thursday 4th March 2021

Swallow Class  thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. As part of the special day,  the children dressed up as their favourite book characters which included Miss Trunchbull from Matilda and Dobby from Harry Potter. Children learning from home didn’t let that stop them from dressing up and celebrating World Book Day too! Brilliant effort Swallows!

Friday 12th February 2021

Thank you ever so much to all parents/carers and children who have been working from home this term. Despite the surreal and difficult circumstances, you have accessed and engaged brilliantly with all daily activities and have produced outstanding pieces of work. I am extremely proud of you all and feel very lucky to have an amazing group of children in my class. Underneath, are some examples of the great work you have produced during home learning.