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Welcome to Swallow Class

We are a mixed age class with Year 3 and Year 4 pupils. On this page you will find information about our curriculum, the year group expectations, our class timetable and celebration assemblies for the year along with photos of us learning.


File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Term 1 2020-2021

Curriculum Overview

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons Term 1 2020-2021

Home Learning

Set 11th December 2020.

To be completed by 18h November 2020:

  • IXL - Spend at least 30 minutes on an activity from the 'Place Values', 'Geometry - Properties of Shapes', 'Addition and Subtraction' or 'Multiplication and Division' section and the skill builders.  As of the 20th November, you will now also be able to access English IXL so have a look around the activities!
  • Spelling Shed - Spend at least 30 minutes on the spellings which have been assigned (the activities should automatically appear when you sign in) Year 3 - The /i/ sound spelled with a y                Year 4 -The suffix -ation   
  • Reading - Read at least 4 times a week to earn your Reading Champion stamps and certificates.
  • Times Tables Rockstars - Use your unique username and password to practise the times tables your learning this term.          Year 3 - 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x.                                  
  • Year 4 - 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x and 10x.



Welcome back Swallow Class! I hope you all had a wonderful, well deserved half term break and are ready for another fantastic term of learning. After the recent announcement, we were thrilled to hear that all children will be returning to schools on the 8th March...we can't wait to see you all!

Thursday 25th February 2021

Plan and daily activities are uploaded on to Google Classrooms. To access them, use your child's Google Classroom username and password that is on the inside front cover of their home learning exercise books and go to classwork. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

There will be one live Google Classroom session today. This morning at 9:20am, there will be a live guided reading lesson. To access this, click on this link -

Friday 12th February 2021

Thank you ever so much to all parents/carers and children who have been working from home this term. Despite the surreal and difficult circumstances, you have accessed and engaged brilliantly with all daily activities and have produced outstanding pieces of work. I am extremely proud of you all and feel very lucky to have an amazing group of children in my class. Underneath, are some examples of the great work you have produced during home learning.

Friday 18th December 2020

What a wonderful term it has been! The children have worked incredibly hard, immersing themselves in their learning which has resulted in them making brilliant progress. They have thoroughly enjoyed all lessons including their topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age' and have produced outstanding pieces of work which have ranged from Stone Age stories to silhouette art on Stone Henge. Thank you for your continued support and engagement in your child's learning journey. Have a lovely festive break and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Merry Christmas from Swallow Class!

Handwriting Star - 

IXL Champion - 


Reading Champion Bronze 3

Friday 11th December 2020

In one of our PE sessions this term, the children have been playing netball. Over the last few weeks, the children have been learning about the different passes, how to pivot as well as rules of the game such as ‘the 3 second rule’ to make a pass after catching the ball. This week the children applied all these skills when playing in 7 v 7 matches. The court was divided into thirds with one member of each team in an end zone. Each team were required to pass through each third before passing the ball to the member of their team in the end zone to score a goal. The children played fantastically, demonstrating a variety of passes as well as pivoting when in possession of the ball and intercepting passes from the opposition. 

Handwriting Star - Dylan

IXL Champion - Ella

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Oscar M, Ella, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Olivia

Times Tables Silver Award - Lily and Ethan D.

Times Tables Gold Award - Lexi, Dylan, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa, Levi, Jasmine and Gracie.

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Alfie 

Reading Champion Bronze 3 - Kriti, Lexi, Millie and Elsie.

Friday 4th December 2020

During the last couple of weeks, Swallows have been retelling our guided reading text ‘Stone Age Boy’ in English. This week, they wrote their stories up in best in their extended writing books. The children worked hard to include lots of the grammar and punctuation they have learnt this term including inverted commas in direct speech, apostrophes to show possession and missing letters as well as using exclamation and question marks. Brilliant story writing Swallows!

Handwriting Star - Beth

IXL Champion - Lily

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Dylan, Oscar M, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa and Jasmine.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Oscar M and Alfie.

Times Tables Silver Award - Gracie

Reading Champion Bronze 3 - Beth, Ella, Ellie-Mai, Ethan P and Josie.

Friday 27th November 2020

On Monday morning, Swallow Class had a surprise waiting for them at the end of their rows of tables. Our new guided reading stories were wrapped up in purple tissue paper ready to be revealed. The children were very excited and unwrapped them in partners to reveal Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Watch the video underneath to see the magic moment.

Handwriting Star - Emily

IXL Champion - Ellie-Mai

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Lily, Oscar, Dylan, Kriti, Ella, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Ethan D, Lily, Josie and Elsie.

Times Tables Silver Award - Kriti, Lexi, Dylan, Ella, Emily, Ellie-Mai, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa, Levi and Jasmine.

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Finley

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Freyja

Reading Champion Bronze 3 - Sam, Elisa, Levi and Lily.

Friday 20th November 2020

To celebrate Anti Bullying week, Swallows made wristbands to support the campaign. As well as that, Swallows discussed what the different types of bullying were before analysing different scenarios and discussing the role of each of the characters including the reasons for their behaviour. Finally, the children discussed who they could rely on and talk to if bullying was affecting them, making reference to their support network hands they made last term

In science this week, the children were investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces. In their investigation, the children placed toy cars on boards with different surfaces at the same gradient before letting them go. When the car travelled the furthest distance, it meant the surface didn’t create much friction as opposed to the car travelling the least distance which meant the surface had created a lot of friction.

Handwriting Star - Freyja

IXL Champion - Levi

100% Times Tables Award - Dylan, Ella, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Gracie

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Tilly, Gracie and Chloe. 

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Olivia, Erin, Ethan R and Ethan D.

Friday 13th November 2020

This term, Swallow Class are doing yoga as one of their PE sessions. The children thoroughly enjoyed the first lesson on Monday afternoon which was based on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. As well as increasing their flexibility and improving their muscle strength, the children said it made them feel calm and peaceful.

In art, the children were introduced to silhouette art. The lesson allowed children to experiment mixing different colours focusing on warm and cold colours to create the desired background for a sunrise or sunset. Children used coloured chalk on white card to create a background of their picture. After that, the children cut out black card to represent Stonehenge and stuck it on their picture in order to create Silhouette style pictures. I think you’ll agree, they look very effective!

Handwriting Star - Millie

IXL Champion - Ethan P

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Ella, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Emily, Lexi, Dylan, Stanley, Kriti, Ella, Beth, Ellie-Mai, Sam, Ethan P, Ethan R, Elisa, Levi and Jasmine.

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Oscar M and Stanley.

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Imogen, Dylan, Kriti, Lexi, Emily, Elsie, Beth and Jasmine.

Friday 6th November 2020

It has been a brilliant start to the new term! Swallow Class have been learning about expanded noun phrases in their English lessons. The children have also been brainstorming and mind mapping descriptive and figurative language on a setting from our guided reading text Stone Age Boy before writing a setting description on it. Underneath, are some examples of the children’s work.

All the children in Swallow are thoroughly enjoying guided reading and quiet reading sessions.  Lots of the children are reading four or more times at home, resulting in them getting stamps in their reading diaries and receiving reading certificates. Keep up the great reading Swallows!

Handwriting Star - Ella

IXL Champion - Stanley

100% Times Tables Award - Dylan, Stanley, Lexi, Emily, Beth, Sam, Jasmine, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Reading Champion Bronze 2 - Elisa, Sam, Levi, Ella, Lily, Ethan P, Ellie-Mai, Josie and Millie

Wednesday 21st October 2020

I can't believe that we have just finished term one of the academic has flown by! The children in Swallow class have had an amazing term, not only settling brilliantly back into the routines of school life but also producing some outstanding pieces of work. Hopefully, you all had a chance to flick through the pages of your child's books a couple of weeks ago...I'm sure you were impressed with all the progress they are making in all subjects. It was lovely to discuss their progress with you this week during parents evening phone calls. 

Have a fantastic half term break and thank you very much for all your support and engagement during term one, it is much appreciated. 

Friday 16th October 2020

Swallow Class have been learning about instructions in their English lessons. On Monday, we looked at the different features of instructions which include time connectives, chronological order and imperative verbs. The children then received a mystery letter from the boy in our guided reading text ‘Stone Age Boy’ explaining that he needed their help with a variety of Stone Age jobs (skinning an animal, making fire). He asked them to write a set of instructions to help him as he wanted to impress the tribe. In pairs, the children used IPads/laptops and information from our ‘Stone Age Boy’ texts to research how Stone Age people made a variety of things such as tools and fire.

In art, the children used clay to make a model of StoneHenge. In their topic lesson they have learnt that Stonehenge is a very famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, South England which was built around 5000 years ago towards the end of the Stone Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age, around 3100 – 3000 BC. The children loved making the famous monument even if it did mean getting a little messy.

Handwriting Star - Archie 

IXL Champion - Ella

100% Times Tables Award - Lexi, Dylan, Stanley, Beth, Sam, Ethan R and Elisa.

Times Tables Gold Award - Gracie, Beth, Sam, Elisa, Levi, Jasmine, Lexi, Dylan, Stanley and Kriti.

Times Tables Silver Award - Ethan P

Times Tables Bronze Award - Emily

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Ethan R and Freyja.

Friday 9th October 2020

Swallow Class have been improving their reading comprehension in VIPERS guided reading sessions by answering retrieval, inference, predicting, explaining, vocabulary and summarising questions. The children have been locating information in our text ‘Stone Age Boy’ by skimming/scanning the text for information before writing it on their whiteboards and in their books - excellent detective work Swallows!

In PSHE this week, we discussed the main issues that were addressed in the Anti-Bullying video we watched last week in collective worship. After that, the children cut out a template of a hand and wrote down five people (one on each finger/thumb) that they could go to if they were being bullied or if there was something that was making them feel uncomfortable. Some of the people in children’s support networks included parents, grandparents, teachers and friends.  

Handwriting Star - Elisa

IXL Champion - Stanley

100% Times Tables Award - Dylan, Stanley, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa and Levi.

Times Tables Silver Award - Lexi, Gracie, Sam and Jasmine.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Ellie-Mai

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Olivia, Imogen, Levi, Ellie-Mai and Jasmine.

Friday 2nd October 2020

Swallow Class have been improving their aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility through several stations consisting of different activities such as burpees, press ups, star jumps and squats in our fitness circuits in PE. 

In science, Swallow Class have been grouping rocks based on their properties. The children took part in different activities to investigate the permeability, density and durability of different rocks such as granite, chalk and flint.  
The children learnt that more durable rocks, such as marble, have been chosen to create buildings as they are more durable and resistant to weathering. As well as learning that high density rocks will sink whereas low density rocks will float.

Handwriting Star - Ethan R

IXL Champion - Imogen

100% Times Tables Award - Ellie-Mae, Beth, Sam, Ethan R, Elisa, Levi, Lexi, Dylan and Stanley.

Times Tables Silver Award - Beth, Ethan R, Elisa, Levi, Dylan, Stanley and Kriti. 

Times Tables Bronze Award - Ethan P

Reading Champion Bronze 1 - Lexi, Ethan D, Lily, Erin, Dylan, Beth, Sam, Ethan P, Josie, Elisa, Kriti, Millie, Ella and Elsie.  

Friday 25th September 2020

This week, Swallows have written some brilliant diary entries as Ug, the Stone Age boy from our text. The children included fronted adverbials, imaginative vocabulary and organised their writing into paragraphs – Well done Swallows!

In art, Swallows took part in an activity that required them to dye fabric (a bed sheet) using a variety of berries including raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. We discussed that in the Stone Age, people would have had to of used natural sources such as berries as paint or for other means. The children had lots of fun and didn’t get too messy.

Handwriting Star - Ellie-Mae

IXL Champion - Lily

100% Times Tables Award - Kriti, Ethan R and Beth.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Sam and Gracie. 

Friday 18th September 2020

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to your child read. Lots of Swallow Class gained a reading stamp as they had read four or more times at home this week which was extremely pleasing. Frequent reading benefits a child's reading fluency and comprehension as well as helping them become better spellers and writers so keep up the top work at home - well done Swallows!

Handwriting Star - Josie

IXL Champion - Kriti 

100% Times Tables Award - Ethan R and Lexi.

Times Tables Bronze Award - Ethan R, Lexi, Stanley, Kriti, Elisa, Dylan, Beth, Levi and Jasmine.

Friday 11th September 2020

Swallow Class have enjoyed starting our new maths scheme (Can Do maths) this week. The children have been representing three and four digit numbers using maths resources such as place value counters as well as identifying the value of the digits. In English this week, Swallows researched different aspects of Stone Age life through IPads and laptops before taking part in an activity that required them to think about all of the benefits of living during the Stone Age as well as all the difficulties.

The children formed two lines with one side of side of the alley presenting reasons ‘For’ living in the Stone Age whereas the other side presented reasons ‘Against’ living in the Stone Age. One child was chosen to walk through the conscience alley. It was up to the children on each side to persuade them. It was interesting to see some of the children change their minds after listening in the conscience alley and it gave them a fantastic insight into what life would have been like thousands of years ago. Underneath, are some pictures of the activities. 

Handwriting Star - Oscar M

IXL Champion - Jasmine 

100% Times Tables Award - Beth, Ethan R, Lexi, Stanley, Dylan.


Thursday 3rd September 2020 

To kick off our topic 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age', Swallow Class had a WOW day. The children participated in two activities that they found very enjoyable and immersed them into our new topic. The children used chalk and pastels to create their own Stone Age cave paintings on coffee and tea stained backing paper before making different sized bones out of salt dough to replicate bone necklaces. It was the perfect way to start our new topic as well as our first day back at school.